RVD, Mabel, Alundra Blaze rumored for WWE Flashback line

WWE Figure Insider is back with some exciting news for Flashback fans. While a lot of the upcoming rumored names have gotten figures already, there are some intriguing options. Mattel reps have shot down some of these names, but from past experience, that might just mean the figure has been reallocated under a new SKU a la Defining Moments or Entrance Greats.

The good news is the repeat figures are all mostly characters that should be worth getting even if they’re just repainted.

Here’s the rerun guys and my picks for their respective looks:

Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon — Razor still has a ton of outfit options. The Wrestlemania 10 black and gold or blue tights would be my top choice.

Shawn Michaels — Pick one. With the DX In Your House version done another major want is off the list. I’ll go with the black tights with red hearts from King of the Ring 95. Hopefully this time he’ll get a legit beard.

Booker T

Booker T — There’s still a ton of options for the former 5-time champ. But in the interest in capturing all of his various looks, I’m pulling for an early WWF twists hairstyle.


Shane McMahon — It’s about that time for a Corporation Era Shane-O Mac. The DX jersey would look great.

123 kid

123 Kid — With the powder blue version done, Mattel has plenty of options for 123 Kid. Hopefully, the next version has a better looking head sculpt that looks more like the spunky, out of his league star.

doink the clown

Doink the Clown — We’ve got a pretty great Doink figure already. That doesn’t mean Mattel couldn’t come up with some colorful alternate attires.

goldust luna era

Goldust — Mattel knocked the New Generation Era out perfectly. Assuming this would fly, I’d love to see Mattel try an Attitude Era Goldust from his incredibly wacky time with Luna.

Million Dollar Man — I wish Mattel would take a crazy risk and make this a Mid-South/UWF Ted DiBiase. I’ll go with Summerslam 92 white tights here.

Rick RudeRavishing Rick Rude — Mattel can go nuts here. For my selfish Dangerous Alliance wants I’m pulling for a short haircut version with a US title airbrush tight design.

british bulldog

British Bulldog — In doing my Survivor Series team project I realized we needed a frizzy haired Allied Powers Bulldog. Hopefully he’s the version Mattel has in mind.

Lex Luger

Lex Luger — Ok, Mattel has two options here, WCW Wolfpac version with ponytail or a 1988 era look with red, yellow or neon green tights. Either choice is fine here.

sgt slaughter vs hulk hogan

Sgt. Slaughter — After the Hall of Fame definitive version, the only other necessary Sarge now is the full on Iraqi turncoat edition. That’ll match up well with the upcoming Royal Rumble 1991 Ultimate Warrior.

wwe mankind

Mankind — There’s no real reason for a new Mankind unless Mattel is going to scale him properly and fix some of the outdated articulation.

beth phoenix

Beth Phoenix – Mattel already made a pretty great Beth figure. But she would benefit from better molds to more appropriately capture her unique physique.

ric flair and the four horsemen 1995

Ric Flair — I’m pulling for Mattel to make this a 95-97 era version of Nature Boy. We’ve got a bunch of Flairs, but none from the Monday Night Wars. With so many nWo figures, we need a Flair to battle them.

sting 1996

Sting — I’d love for this to be an early era Crow Sting from his initial phase in the rafters and randomly attacking people.

The other repeated characters are Roddy Piper, Vader and Rocky Maivia. For Piper, a 1996 short hair cut version from his era battling Goldust and Hollywood Hogan would be ideal. I’m at a loss for both Vader and Maivia. The Rock doesn’t have a ton of viable outfits and this is probably going to be the black and blue attire.

But the biggest returnee is Rob Van Dam. Mattel only managed one Elite figure before he left to go to TNA. I’m psyched to see what kind of intricate airbrush design Mattel comes up with for the figure.

Alundra Blaze — Sure this is the necessary wrestling version of one of the WWF female pioneers, but I am thrilled to convert this figure to a Dangerous Alliance Medusa.

King MabelMabel — The New Generation is missing some key heels. Since we can’t get the King of Harts, let’s go with another King — King Mabel. Once he went heel and surprisingly became the King of the Ring winner, Mabel acquitted himself pretty well as a foil for Diesel and The Undertaker. It was Mabel and Yokozuna that crushed Undertaker’s eye socket, prompting him to wear the Phantom of the Opera style mask.

Photo Credit: WWE
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