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The Condo aspires to be the next great or at least guilty pleasure raunchy comedy. Only two ‘minor problems.’ It’s not especially raunchy and it’s not that funny.

When one of their poker group can’t sell a mansion, four buddies decide to use it as a bachelor pad where they can safely spend time with their mistresses. That premise actually has some promise, but the execution quickly diminishes any reason for optimism.

Realtor Duke (Baron Jay) uses the pad for his girlfriend Sunday (Jackie Moore), who has multiple personalities. Stand-up comedian Ron D (Trae Ireland) is running around with Natalia (Toktam Aboozary), whose brother considers the affair an affront to their Muslim faith unless they get married.

The Condo review - Sunday

Happily married Tom (Michael Joseph) gets pressured into cheating by telling his hair stylist his wife died. Dance instructor Juan (Chris Sapone) is stepping out on his husband and experimenting with women.

One of the main problems with the film is the complete lack of likable characters. Pulling for guys to get away with cheating is a tough sell, but it would be less challenging if their spouses were completely loathsome. Like Stu’s shrew wife in The Hangover. The wives aren’t that endearing, but the marriages aren’t developed enough to even explain why they would want to stick with these losers.

Screenwriters Bill Dumas and Bill Morroni probably tried to do too much. They utilize a Tarantino-style nonlinear narrative approach where they jump back and forth from various scenarios to focus on a different member of the group. In every scenario, Dumas and Morroni set the affair up well enough, but consistently veer off into ridiculous twists that aren’t remotely funny. Juan’s husband decides to dress in drag to recapture his interest. Ron D’s potential brother-in-law threatens to stone him and has an actual bucket of stones and one of Sunday’s personalities is a white supremacist.

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Honestly, the film would have been better off just focusing on Duke’s storyline as that had enough potential to carry the 85-minute run time.

Guy comedies don’t require an elite level of acting talent. If you can get an Academy Award nominated talent like Mark Wahlberg that’s great, but hardly a mandate. The cast dutifully tries, but the performances reveal a lack of buy-in from the actors. It comes across as if they’re not overly comfortable with their characters or were improvising a lot of the scenes. None of them seem overly comfortable with their character. It seems like they were recruited that day to take part in the film.

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Director James Cullen Bressack leaves his cast stranded on numerous scenes where any hopes of comedic material have faded. While The Condo doesn’t have a big budget, Bressack handles the limited locations fine even if one location is used for all the interior shots. The random montage of neighborhood homes is probably meant to convey distance, but it seems like an obvious distraction.

Bressack doesn’t embrace the potential of the concept enough. The Condo lacks the edgy raunchiness of even the American Pie series. Bressack made sure the film had the required amount of eye candy, but rarely crosses the PG-13 threshold. The humor is too slapstick and silly and he doesn’t put his performers in the best light.

The Condo review - the gig is up.png

In too many cases, the actors recite the dialogue like they skimmed through the script instead of having the lines and proper inflection down.  And no member of the cast offers that kind of charismatic performance to distract from the ridiculous nature of the premise.

That all leads to no convincing reason to want to visit The Condo. There’s much better guy humor films out there and there’s no need to waste precious couch time on this one.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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