Paramount announces new GI Joe movie for 2020

I’ve been cautiously awaiting this news after Paramount Pictures announced plans for a massive shared universe. Now it’s a fact — a new GI Joe Movie is set for release of March 27, 2020.

Details are sparse so far. The film has a very generic title of GI Joe. Next to Star Wars, I don’t have a childhood property I’m more protective of than GI Joe. GI Joe: Rise of Cobra failed to be a GI Joe movie on every level. GI Joe Retaliation was a better attempt with some positive steps in the right direction, but it got bogged down in the star power of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis.


Hopefully this next film will take more cues from Larry Hama’s work on the Joe comic book. Hama successfully incorporated all of the far out concepts, characters and vehicles and made a franchise that’s still going strong. If Paramount adapts more of Hama’s tone into the movie we’ll get that great mix of action, strongly developed heroes and villains and epic action sequences.


I’ve gotta think this is Paramount’s last chance to get the property right. Much like Fox’s third strike with its 2015 take on Fantastic Four, if they can’t get it right this time, there may be no way to appeal to modern moviegoers. The thing is GI Joe is a property that combines all the best of some of the most popular genres — with some comic book villain type characters a la Marvel Studios, daredevil tricked out vehicles like Fast & Furious and ninjas. It’s hard to screw up a movie with all those elements.

In other areas of its shared universe, Paramount announced Micronauts is coming on October 16, 2020. Dungeons & Dragons is slated for July 23, 2021 and an event film — possibly the big crossover — is slated for Oct. 1, 2021.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures