Image Comics reviews for 12-20-17

Genius Cartel #5

Genius Cartel #5

In Genius Cartel #5, Destiny confronts the remainder of her enemies. Her blood soaked tale ends here with a bang. Or..does it?

One of the best releases of the year has come to a hiatus. Clearly this story isn’t over as Destiny finds more ways to piss off government officials and thugs alike. This is certainly not bad news to fans of this consistently well written series however it’s very apparent that going forward, Destiny will need more than just herself. It’s honestly surprising that she has come this far with merely a few scratches but she may have become in deeper trouble than she anticipated.

Destiny may just be going to war in 2018 or beyond and I look forward to an announcement of her return sometime in the future. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics