Ocean’s 8 trailer

Warner Bros. revealed the Ocean’s 8 trailer today and it looked solid. I’m still not completely sold on the need for a female spin on Ocean’s Eleven, but it’s a done deal. And if nothing else, it seems to capture the flavor of the Stephen Soderbergh films enough to pique my interest.

I am a little worried that the film, directed by Gary Ross, won’t do enough to stand out on its own.


But all the first Ocean’s 8 trailer has to do is sell us on the idea of the film. That mission is accomplished. Hopefully the next one will reveal some more layers. I’m not the biggest fan of Rihanna’s look in this one. It’s like they actively went out of there way to make her look unsexy. Just like the male version, I’m glad to see there’s a fairly diverse cast here though it’s weird this group doesn’t have any Latinas. Maybe the crew can find one for Ocean’s 9? And maybe a possible cameo from one of George Clooney’s gang.

We’ll find out relatively soon enough when Ocean’s 8 arrives in theaters coincidentally on June 8, 2018.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures