Merry Christmas 2017

Wherever you’re reading this I hope you’re having a great Christmas 2017. This has been a fun and challenging year for me, but I always found comfort in writing and the incredible response of all y’all out there reading.

It’s funny how when you grow up and you’re more focused on reactions rather than what you’re getting under the tree. Hopefully Christmas 2017 brings a few new items for me to review here, but I’m really hoping everyone enjoys their gifts.

That goes for all of you too. I’ll likely be looking at more fun discussion heavy topics like the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy failing to properly pass the torch and the 10 best and worst Arrowverse couples. But I’m always open to suggestions too so if you’ve got anything interesting hit me up.

In closing, I hope Christmas 2017 is unforgettable for all the right reasons and you have a great time with family and friends. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!