SH Figuarts Star Wars Han Solo figure review

Han Solo is in my Top 5 movie characters so I find myself buying more of his figures than I intend.

There’s essentially two important looks and one semi-important outfit. My Empire Strikes Back bias gives preference to the Bespin/Hoth escape attire and the semi-important look is the Hoth attire. But I won’t complain too much about Bandai SH Figuarts giving us his Star Wars outfit first. Let’s see if this New Hope look will be the new champion 6-inch version of Han.

Packaging:  Figuarts really sets up the package to open it. There’s none of that beautiful package presentation to debate keeping it MOC. This is strictly for opening. And why would you want to keep this packaged up anyway? The basic box design features a big window to check out the figure and some images on the back showing various poses and display options.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -raising blaster side

Likeness:  Even Hot Toys struggles to perfectly nail Harrison Ford’s likeness. But of all the companies that have tried to get it down, this is the best Star Wars (A New Hope) likeness yet. Some of it just comes from getting the hairstyle just right. But the head sculpt most accurately captures Ford’s face right down to the width of the face and cleft in the chin. I think the prototype version had an even better likeness.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -comparison with Star Wars Black Han Solo

Han’s outfit looks great as well with all the little details like the raised collar, semi-wrinkly shirt, vest full of pockets and that awesome belt and holster combo. The Star Wars Black Series Han Solo was one of the best releases in the line. This was closer than most of the Figuarts to SWB battles, but Figuarts still wins out.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -looking to the side


Scale:  Han is properly scaled to be taller than Luke and it’s safe to assume he’s shorter than Chewbacca as well. I’m all about my figures being scaled correctly so that’s a plus.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -with SH Figuarts Luke Skywalker

Paint:  Just like the Luke Skywalker figure, Figuarts went a little happy with the gold paint for the hair. With Luke, it made a bit more sense. With Han, it just looks off. While I wasn’t bothered enough to paint Luke’s hair, I probably will with Han.

Otherwise the paintwork looks outstanding as has been the case with Figuarts figures. There’s not a ton of additional paintwork, but Figuarts doesn’t skimp on anything when it’s called for including the chest hair.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -on one knee

Articulation:  Figuarts makes playing with figures a lot of fun. For Star Wars, there’s the iconic pose for Han — firing away at Stormtroopers before leaving Mos Eisley. Gunning down Greedo is another, but this is the important one. Either way, there’s no limitations to Han poses here. I’d love to at least have a Millennium Falcon cockpit in the six-inch scale to re-enact pivotal moments from Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review - firing at Stormtroopers

Han has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows (double-jointed)
  • Wrist
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Knees (double-jointed)
  • Ankles

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -ready for battle with Luke Skywalker

Accessories:  Han isn’t as packed with accessories as his buddy Luke. He’s got his trademark blaster, which has good detailing.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -hands on hips

Like the Jango Fett figure, Han has a shortcut way of simulating the blaster in holster look. In this case it’s a separate holster with the blaster nestled in. There’s an empty one to swap out when Han is holding the blaster, which covers the bases nicely. There’s three sets of hands including a gloved pair for piloting the Falcon and using the ship’s guns.

Han also doesn’t have the Stormtrooper belt and blaster. He didn’t need it as much as the Star Wars Luke figure did, but it would have been a welcome addition.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -raising blaster

Worth It?  I managed to find Han on sale for around $55. That’s not a bad price for a figure of this quality. Any less and you’re winning the figure collecting game.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The gold hair throws the likeness off a bit, but otherwise this is best Star Wars version of Han yet.

SH Figuarts Han Solo figure review -aiming

Where to Get It?  Maybe you can find some retailers that still have him in stock, but the easiest bet is to grab him on

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