DC Icons Static figure review

The end of a line is always a tricky deal. I had huge hopes for DC Icons and for the most part, the line delivered. But DC Collectibles couldn’t keep the line going so we only managed to get five waves. II had lots of reasons why the line failed, but I’m most disappointed as the character selection was just about to get really good. Static represented one of those intriguing and welcome choices for me.

I grabbed every Milestone Comic I could find in its heyday and thought action figures of the characters was a no-brainer. It’s taken forever, but we finally have a non-animated version of Milestone’s standout character and he’s terrific. Now add on not getting more Milestone figures like Hardware, Icon and Rocket as more reasons I’m blown DC Icons is done.

Packaging:  The Icons packaging was never all that flashy, but I liked the classy presentation with the white and appropriate accent color. DCC incorporated small personal touches like the character logo on the front and top. Continuing the theme of the line, DCC listed the reference look. In this case it’s Static’s debut entitled You Don’t Start None There Won’t Be None.

DC Icons Static figure review -accessories

The accessories are firmly placed in the tray, but Static annoyingly is plastic tied requiring scissors and a steady hand.

Likeness:  Besides a couple of animated Static Shock figures, we hadn’t gotten a classic Static figure before. This is Virgil Hawkins in his classic original look. I always liked the simplicity of this outfit as it seemed like something a high schooler could create.

DC Icons Static figure review -main pic

This costume doesn’t require a lot of detailing, but DCC did with the gauntlets and sculpted mask. That effect looks so much better than a painted on look. Static could have had a more cheerful expression fitting his nature, but that wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the line.


Scale:  Static was definitely on the small side so it’s nice to see DCC reflect that with the scaling. He’s appropriately shorter than the other figures in the line.

DC Icons Static figure review -scale with Blue Beetle and John Stewart

Paint:  One aspect of this line that was always great was the paint applications. DCC used a pearlescent blue that looks fantastic. Looking at the figure in the package doesn’t do the paintwork justice, but in person it’s very impressive.

The line work on the lightning effect is solid throughout and the skin tone is perfect.  Even though it looks like the gauntlets are missing some paint that is consistent on both figures to simulate Static’s actual look.

DC Icons Static figure review -ready for battle at sunset

Articulation:  OK, Icons newcomers. Static doesn’t get some new game changing articulation, but what is included is pretty good.  Static would definitely benefit from deeper range of motion with the hips so he can sit down more on the manhole cover.

DC Icons Static figure review -standing on base

Static has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • hip
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

DC Icons Static figure review -listening in

Accessories:  When he was first debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2016, Static had his trademark brown jacket. That didn’t make the cut in the final figure, which is unfortunate as it’s essentially been the cape for Static’s costume.

DC Icons Static figure review -just chilling

The streamlined figure gets an alternate head sculpt with a Malcolm X hat. I’m amazed this made the final cut, but glad it did as this felt more like the finishing touch a black teenage superhero would wear with his outfit. Static would switch up the hat, but the X one is arguably the most iconic.

DC Icons Static figure review -battle at the pier

In one of the better displays of power, Static comes with a manhole cover — his usual mode of transportation and an electric shock base. I really like this and it’s a great showcase for his abilities. My figure’s foot hole is either too wide or the manhole peg is too small. Either way it doesn’t work. Thankfully, Static can balance on the manhole cover just fine without the extra support. But still, this kind of quality control is why people abandoned DC Icons.

I wish DCC included a gesturing hand to illustrate Static using his powers offensively. Way back in amazing prototype land, Static had that and some other gesturing hands.

DC Icons Static figure review -meeting Batman

Worth it?  Even with the line dead, Icons figures still aren’t reflecting that from retailers. The average price is around $24. With the jacket I would definitely say that would be worth it, but Static requires less sculpting and overall plastic to justify the same price as other figures with more accessories.

Rating: 9 out of 10

DC Icons Static figure review -lightning strike

It’s too easy to play what if with all the missing accessories, but on its own this is still a great Static figure. I really wish I had more Milestone figures to pair him up with on my shelf.

Where to get it?  As always, I recommend trying your local comic book store first. Maybe if enough stores sell through their Icons stock they’ll be encouraged to request the line get restarted. If that’s not an option, check out retailers like Amazon or Entertainment Earth.