Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review

Little did Marvel Legends collectors know when we first got Bullseye we would be looking at the new standard build for the line. Toy Biz and later Hasbro made good use of that functional mold, but over time, it’s showed its age. Time for an update. Hasbro took a little time in getting to him though, but as has proven to be the case with them, they made it worth the wait. See why this figure is so on target.

Packaging:  Bullseye is another character who benefits tremendously from the dark, blood red interior. This shade is fitting for the more violent characters in the Marvel Knights wave.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - bio

With his black and white color scheme he really pops in the package. His side portrait looks pretty menacing with what I’m guessing is Alex Maleev artwork. Either way it looks great. As much as I typically complain about the bios, Bullseye’s is pretty comprehensive and explains who he is, who he fights and what he does. That’s all Hasbro needs to do with these.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - with Toy Biz Bullseye

Likeness:  This is surprisingly still a tough battle for the updated figure. Keep in mind Bullseye remains one of Toy Biz’s better figures with amazing detail like stitching on the gloves and boots and an overlay on the chest piece. The Hasbro Bullseye counters with a spectacular head sculpt fully conveying the lunatic nature of the character and thicker build.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - aiming hand closeup

The head sculpt really helps give the Hasbro figure the win and a cleaner looking figure thanks to a lack of excessive wash over the white. He fittingly doesn’t use the same Bucky Cap mold as most figures though I can’t quite place the mold.


Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - unmasked head

Bullseye also gets two head sculpts. The alternate is an unmasked portrait with the target carved in his forehead and a missing tooth. There’s great intensity in this sculpt that I’ll probably swap it every so often just because it looks so good. From a quick search, the Hasbro figure has a more accurate belt pouch and holster setup as well.


Scale:  Bullseye doesn’t need to be taller than normal guys and it’s even better that he’s not a giant. He scales perfectly with Daredevil, which is all you really need.

Paint:  Overall this figure sports a nice clean paintjob. Toy Biz went a little overboard with the wash giving him a dingy look. The clean pure white gives off more of the target effect and the linework in the gloves and boots is solid.

There was a minor scratch in the chest area, but hardly a big problem. The alternate head also benefits from this strong paint work right down to the teeth, tongue and maniacal eyes.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - arms out

Articulation:  Bullseye is a character that needs great articulation to pull off all his murderous poses. Fortunately there’s nothing restricting any poses you can conceive. He was a lot of fun posing and playing around with.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - stalking Elektra

Bullseye has:

    • neck
    • ball-jointed shoulders
    • bicep
    • elbow (double jointed)
    • wrist
    • wrist hinge
    • waist
    • hip
    • thigh
    • knee (double jointed)
    • ankle

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - about to kill the councilman

Accessories:  Bullseye comes well equipped on the accessory front. He’s got two alternating left hands — one for a gun and the other to pantomime shooting someone.

The latter is especially cool as it’s a fitting taunt. My favorite is the default hand which has a clear attachment on the fingers to simulate Bullseye tossing blades at unsuspecting victims.


Additionally, he gets a knife, which actually has some detailing in the handle and a pistol. As with every figure in this wave, Bullseye has a piece of the BAF Man-Thing. He comes with the right arm. At this point I’ve got half the pieces and enough incentive to finish building him.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - accessories

Worth it?  I paid the standard $20 price for him, but this is a case where a great figure is overflowing with goodies that it’s well worth it. If you find him on sale that’s even better.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - threatening Elektra

Rating: 10 out of 10

Hasbro has delivered one amazing update to necessary figures throughout 2017. Outside of Invisible Woman, Cyclops & Dark Phoenix, I can’t think of another better than Bullseye, who is a really outstanding update.

Marvel Legends Bullseye figure review - aiming at Daredevil

Where to get it?  I got Bullseye from Toys R Us, but the Marvel Knights wave is also available at Wal-Mart and Walgreens.  If you strike out there you can also try out