DC Comics reviews for 1/3/18

Black Lightning:
Cold Dead Hands #3

black lightning cold dead hands #3

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands hasn’t disappointed and issue #3 was its most woke installment yet.

Black Lightning has to prevent a tragedy by locating two young boys in possession of a weapon that has law enforcement agents considering them armed and dangerous.

Writer Tony Isabella had been on the fringes in previous issues, but this time he fully commits to placing Black Lightning in scenarios ripped from today’s headlines. Much like with Luke Cage, there’s something cathartic watching a hero, specifically a black hero stopping bullets and sparing innocent black youth from being gunned down. Isabella doesn’t hold back his thoughts on the matter and it’s nice to see a writer be so unapologetic about something so simple. Cyborg couldn’t do it, Batwing is a bad fit and The Signal is too new, but this is the ideal platform for Black Lightning.

But Isabella also understands this is a comic book after all and introduces Black Lightning’s latest rival White Thunder. But his identity is going to be a real shock and prove this book is full of surprises. Clayton Henry keeps delivering quality art that makes Black Lightning feel like a top tier talent. DC didn’t just toss some aspiring artist onto the book regardless of their style and fit. Henry is a classic artist in the vein of Chris Batista or Chris Sprouse. There’s not a lot of flashy sizzle, but the work on each page is consistently good.

I really appreciate Isabella being able to so successfully blend comic book spectacle with real world issues so seamlessly. We’re at the halfway point now with Cold Dead Hands and this book is demanding a second chapter or news of an ongoing series. –Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 9 out of 10

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