DC Comics reviews for 1/3/18

Green Arrow #36

green arrow 36 cover

Like Aquaman, Green Arrow has started falling off the consistent biweekly release schedule. But just like Aquaman, the fantastic artwork always makes the wait worth it. This issue might have been Juan Ferreyra’s best work on the book and that says a lot. Otto Schmidt kicked off the Rebirth run. But Ferreyra has established himself as the Green Arrow artist providing the book a beautifully drawn and colored signature look.

Writer Benjamin Percy has done a great job creating all these layers to his run. There’s a real sense of depth to the characters far beyond just Oliver Queen. Unlike some of his peers, Percy has taken the time and used multiple arcs to evolve the characters to this point. This issue sees Percy start bringing all these various plot threads together. And with so many explosive personalities and agendas colliding, no one is going to walk away unscathed.

Percy packed so much into this issue it felt like a double-sized installment. That’s probably the result of the one push to topple all the dominos leading to a snowball type read. This issue has a movie-like feel with Oliver and Black Canary enjoying a nice moment before heading off to a potentially fatal battle against a deadly new alliance. Other subplots started having some major advancements as well, which could lead to some significant repercussions in subsequent issues.

Ferreyra’s art makes it all look gorgeous. From the depths of the ocean to a sunset beach, the colors are beautiful. Ferreyra has steadily improved as a storyteller and his layouts further add to that cinematic experience. There’s some great pages here as Ferryra proves once again to be one of those artists whose work needs the physical comic in hand to fully appreciate.

This was a great issue of Green Arrow that I didn’t want to end. And that was long before that nerve-wracking and very unpredictable cliffhanger. Hopefully the resolution will come in two weeks, but either way it’s going to prove worth the wait. –Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 10 out of 10

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