DC Comics reviews for 1/3/18

Justice League #36

justice league 36 cover

Priest is immediately challenging some long-held notions of the Justice League in an exciting way making this new arc one of the most personal in years.

It’s weird how Priest found a fresh angle to tackle the who watches the watchmen aspect of the League. This storyline is aided by Priest playing up the diverse personalities. Aquaman and Wonder Woman should approach diplomatic situations from a different perspective. Likewise, Baz and Cruz aren’t burdened down by years of enabling Batman to avoid calling him out. Superman and Cyborg typically go along to get along, but are now being put in a position to make firm choices.

After the team has battled threats like Darkseid, Ocean Master and Atlantis, etc. there’s not a ton of fresh opposition, but Priest is smartly focusing on the team dynamics and providing a threat the team can’t so easily beat down. At least on the surface. As the issue progresses, a new threat emerges — one that could make the League’s mission even tougher.

Pete Woods’ art is great. I love his larger than life take on the characters created from dynamic layouts, the sense of movement and character close-ups. The team really stands out now as heroes with unlimited power and skill.

It’s a blast turning the pages of Justice League and legit being surprised by the developments and curious how stories are going to play out. Priest keeps challenging expectations making for a very different and very engaging take on the team. –Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 9 out of 10

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