Image Comics reviews for 1-3-18

Crosswind #6

crosswind 6

Crosswind’s first season wrapped up neatly with all the loose ends tied up though maybe a bit too neatly. Cason and Juniper meet face to face as they prepare for the big standoff with Cruz and his hired goons.

These last couple of issues have been decent, but lacked the fun or Juniper and Cason adjusting to their new lives. While the book couldn’t have gone on forever with that setup, it had more mileage left and this first season wrapped too quickly.

It’ll be interesting to see where writer Gail Simone takes the series for Season 2. Will she continue following Cason and Juniper’s exploits or move on to another crossed pairing? It seems like Cason and Juniper’s story is wrapped sufficiently enough. I’d be down to see Simone explore the premise further with say a bigot trapped in a black woman’s body to tackle racial issues as well as gender preconceptions.

Cat Staggs’ art remains impeccable with her amazing photo style. The body language and expressions is so key to this series and Staggs never disappointed. This was an intriguing finale, but I wonder if Simone would have handled the pacing differently without the need for season breaks. Either way, I’ll be ready for Season 2 whenever it kicks off. –Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 8 out of 10

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