Image Comics reviews for 1-3-18

Gravediggers Union #3

gravediggers union #3

Gravediggers Union #3 has the union following a witch into new territory as they seek answers as to the whereabouts of the cult, Black Temple. Meanwhile a prophet is on a journey of her own to seek a strong, dormant power.

The Gravediggers Union is one of those books you keep holding out for because you think it’ll be good eventually so you’re just waiting. Much like Rat Queens, the story isn’t all that engaging but unlike Rat Queens there’s artwork that just isn’t engaging. Characters are not drawn consistently recognizable and I even had to squint to make out the facial features of what I originally thought was some kind of toxic waste. The writing confuses me greatly because if it’s labeled rated M and has all this gore, (especially on the page after the TBC page), why is profanity still blocked out?

 The reason I stick around definitely is for the development of what most likely will be the antagonist. I believe I’ve even said in a previous review that the daughter of the protagonist has a much better storyline than that main one. Issue #3 only helps my case rather than dismisses it and I really really hope they decide to give her more page time going forward. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 3 out of 10

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