DC Comics reviews for the week of 1/10/18

Action Comics #995

action comics #995 cover

Booster Shot has really been a blast as it’s provided a rare Superman team up that appropriately captures the feel of an 80s buddy action comedy. After the heaviness of The Oz Effect, this is a smart and fun change of pace.

This issue, writer Dan Jurgens takes Superman and Booster Gold to the future on their unintended trip through the time stream.

I appreciated Jurgens clueing Superman in somewhat on Booster’s background. Judgmental Superman is my least favorite — especially at the expense of one of my favorite second tier DC heroes. The issue also contained some really nice Booster Gold character moments. The subplot with Lois Lane trying to rescue her father is moving along slowly although Jurgens doesn’t have to neatly wrap it by the time Superman returns to his regular time frame. It’s nice to see Lois going off on her own adventures.


Jurgens hands the art chores this issue over to Brett Booth, who always cranks up the energy and excitement for every page. Booth’s style works well with that pressing racing against the clock tone of this story. Booth’s one weak spot remains the slightly exaggerated and elongated faces, but it’s a fair trade off given the obvious amount of effort put into the pages. The ink work by Norm Rapmund and coloring by Andrew Dalhouse was also very strong.

For Booster and Superman, the ride isn’t over yet and I’m anticipating what Jurgens and Booth have coming their way next issue. At this point, it’s safe to count on Jurgens to continue delivering strong arcs on Action Comics and this remains one of the most fun books going in DC today.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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