DC Comics reviews for the week of 1/10/18

Detective Comics #972

detective comics #972 cover

Fall of the Batmen has been such a captivating read and it feels like the culmination of the Rebirth era of Detective Comics.

With Clayface giving in to his baser instincts again, it’s up to Batman to try and talk some sense into him. Meanwhile, Red Robin starts to see the future he dreaded come to fruition while Batwoman receives a weapon that could turn the tide. And the rest of Team Batman is caught in the middle of a battle that could destroy everything.

James Tynion IV took his time building to this storyline and it’s paid off with some complex character interplay. Thanks to Tynion’s investment in the characters it was interesting seeing all these emotions and agenda come to play without knowing who’s right or wrong. There’s no easy answers here, but it seems like something bad is imminent. And that’s in large part to Tynion making the characters so meaningful.


Penciller Miguel Mendoca’s art is solid. He’s juggling a lot of characters and a ton of action, but every page looks sharp with good detail. The layouts are well constructed and the panel arrangement is clean. The facial work could be tighter, but that’s the only slight area in need of improvement.

Fall of Batmen has played out in a way that it seems hard to imagine the book not undergoing some massive changes in the end. I like that Tynion is making this a meaningful battle not just for Gotham, but for the integrity of the team Batman assembled.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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