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Hal Jordan and the
Green Lantern Corps #36

hal jordan and the green lantern corps #36

Twilight of the Guardians wrapped up in somewhat subdued fashion. But writer Robert Venditti clearly seems to be playing the long game here by establishing a new threat and restoring a classic element to the Green Lantern mythos.

Ganthet reflects on the legacy of the Guardians while Hal, John, Guy and Kyle attempt to stop any more Guardians from being converted to Controllers. The Controllers are an old school group of villains, but Venditti doesn’t do enough to truly make them stand out from some of the other adversaries the lanterns have faced. After the buildup, the Controllers almost seemed to get taken out too easily.

That’s OK since Twilight of the Guardians is more a reassessment of the Guardians’ role in the title and determining if they’re still valid. Venditti answers that question while establishing their counterpoint with the Controllers. The real battle lies ahead. I like that old school pacing of building a threat that tests the heroes only to tease a greater one for the future.


Venditti paid off the Four Corpsmen nickname in the best way possible. Hopefully that is a thing going forward and that Venditti will turn the spotlight to other lanterns. I’d love to see some others get the kind of development he’s provided to the main four.

Jack Herbert teams with Jose Luis on art. Luis’ pages aren’t game-changing, but they are very polished so there’s not a drop off when Herbert tags out. Jason Wright’s colors as always look amazing and the art throughout was great.

Next issue’s teaser really has me intrigued since this will introduce a fresh opponent for the lanterns that should make for a very challenging conflict.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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