DC Comics reviews for the week of 1/10/18

Mister Miracle #6

mister miracle #6 variant cover

There’s a reason Mister Miracle is the last book I read every week of its release. Tom King and Mitch Gerads continue to keep redefining expectations of the character while still honoring the rich legacy that’s come before.

After deciding being executed wasn’t part of their couple goals, Mister Miracle and Big Barda have to stave off Orion’s forces. But it wouldn’t be this inspired take on Mister Miracle with a regular action heavy issue. Nope, King has Scott and Barda discussing far more important things than their impending doom like counter space and what to do with all their clutter.

That seems perfectly relatable for couples while also proving how cool this duo is that they can talk house while faced with a death-defying circumstance. It’s kind of what you’d expect from the world’s greatest escape artist and the former leader of the Female Furies.

King seems to regularly craft gems every issue has a tremendous exchange with Barda and Scott that beautifully encapsulates their differences. He lives life on the tightrope while she powers through any situation.


For Gerads, this is the most action-packed issue of the series and seemingly biggest challenge to his nine panel layouts. But Gerads reminds why he was the ideal collaborator with King. Page 9 offers such a creative approach as Scott and Barda dive into a pool swimming with deadly dragons. The layout is so masterful as Gerads uses the full page, but directs the readers’ attention to focus on one panel at a time before taking in the full image. Gerads keeps impressing in this series and this might be his most inspired issue yet.

It’s probably foolish to bet against them at this point, but it’s going to be tough to find many comics in 2018 that will top this issue. Yes, it’s the second week of the year, but I’m feeling pretty confident. If you’re not getting Mister Miracle, you’ve already figured out your first resolution for 2018.

Rating: 10 out of 10