DC Comics reviews for the week of 1/10/18

The Flash #38

the flash #38 variant cover

In maybe the biggest irony of Rebirth, The Flash has been one of the more serious DC titles. That’s been a surprise as The Flash is one of the more light-hearted characters in the DCU. Writer Joshua Williamson has taken Barry Allen on some dark roads and heavy stories. That wouldn’t be advisable for most writers, but Williamson has done a great job keeping The Flash’s adventures interesting.

With the final installment of Cold Day in Hell, Williamson looks to be changing the status quo. Most importantly by not having Barry be so down about every terrible thing that’s happened in his life. But first, he’s got to tangle with Captain Cold and The Rogues with their new member Godspeed.

Williamson starts planting seeds for some other subplots as well. I like that The Flash supporting cast has a greater purpose now and the book has some intrigue that’s not entirely focused on Barry.

the flash #38 interior art

This issue was also aided by the return of artist Scott Kollins. Most of the great modern Flash stories featured Kollins’ art. After his stint on Blue Beetle it’s nice to see him back ‘home.’ Flash has featured some great and some OK art, but Kollins is a nice, steadying presence whose work is well fitted for this book. Kollins has energetic panels and easily establishes that Flash sense of movement. Carmine Di Giandomenico returns for the next arc, but hopefully Kollins remains a regular alternate artist going forward.

This will sound somewhat weird, but the conclusion of this arc won’t make for a bad jumping on point for new readers. It nicely summarizes the events of the past 37 issues while foreshadowing the change in direction.

I really liked this issue from Williamson’s approach, Kollins’ art and the potential for upcoming subplots. The Flash has rarely gone off track during this run, but it seems poised to be even better in the next few issues.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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