DC Comics reviews for the week of 1/10/18

Titans #19

titans #19 cover

Grounded kicks off a new storyline that looks like it could be the start of a fresh, fun and surprising new direction.
After their last clash with Troia and her lackeys, the Titans have some explaining and self-reflecting to do when the Justice League come to the Tower.

Writer Dan Abnett has a good sense of how the Justice League members should sound.  Batman is stern and authoritative, Flash is more compassionate and Superman tries to be diplomatic. Superman’s involvement is a reminder this Rebirth era Titans probably should have a member of the Superman family. Perhaps Supergirl?

One of the enduring themes of the Teen Titans was the members trying to match up to the legacy of their mentors. Abnett approaches this from a thoughtful perspective. This isn’t the usual Justice League/Teen Titans blowup. It’s the kind of emotional conflict adults who’ve started to live their lives feel when their disapproving parents pay a visit.

Grounded doesn’t seem like it will be a lengthy arc, which will allow Abnett to do what he does best on Titans — focus on the team interplay.

Another welcome development is the arrival of new regular artist Paul Pelletier. He’s always been one of the more reliable DC artists and his skills haven’t diminished over the years. His pages look just as sharp as ever and Pelletier is well suited for the book with his great expressive take on the characters.

I’ve been a fan of Titans especially when the team sits back and works through personal issues. Grounded looks to be a nice personal story for the Titans, which is where they’re always at their best.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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