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Wonder Woman #38

wonder woman #38 cover

Wonder Woman #38 is largely an origin tale as writer James Robinson updates a familiar foe for a new era. Vanessa Kapatelis narrates how she was paralyzed in a battle, but was inspired to keep fighting thanks to Wonder Woman.

Robinson seemed off on his portrayal of Wonder Woman this issue. Granted, she can’t keep in touch with every person she rescues, but Robinson paints her as a bad friend to Vanessa after investing in a friendship. That’s not in line with the compassionate hero Wonder Woman has always been portrayed.

Wonder Woman’s interaction with her half-brother Jason isn’t much better as she scolds him for throwing a party and questions his desire to be a hero. Even Batman doesn’t browbeat his sidekicks this much. The Wonder Woman/Jason dynamic has potential, but only if Robinson remembers to make Diana more or a sister and less a mother.

I’m definitely a fan of Emanuela Lupacchino staying on board as the regular artist. Lupacchino has such a smooth, clean style that showcases Wonder Woman’s power, beauty and humanity. The action sequences may be a bit too simple, but there’s a good sense of momentum on each page. Her work really shines on the dialogue heavy pages as she conveys the characters’ emotions dead on.

Robinson may have made too good a case for this arc’s villain, but the story has promise. I’m intrigued by how this initial clash will play out. With Lupacchino on board, Wonder Woman hasn’t looked this good in months and this title continues to be a worthy and unpredictable read.

Rating: 8 out of 10  

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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