New pics of WWE Target Hall of Champions and NXT figures

Target just uploaded new MOC and loose pictures of its upcoming NXT and Hall of Champions exclusive lines.

I’m really excited about the Hall of Champions series as it provides an opportunity for some welcome variants and alternate looks for characters.

I’ve already gotten Rikishi, but getting his swank robe might tempt me if Target has a good sale. I definitely hope we get a Big Show to match this Undertaker figure. This series might also be a good avenue for more Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Bret Hart figures.


The NXT Elite 3 lineup is pretty decent with Bobby Roode, Ember Moon and debut looks for Roman Reigns and Rusev. I still wish Mattel kept the tag team theme going and released Elite versions of DIY. It’s hard to imagine Reigns and Rusev being big sellers.

Onto the Basic figures. The lineup is a good mix of throwback and new school with Xavier Woods, Triple H, Paige, Billie Kay and Roderick Strong. Hopefully Mattel continues the pattern where they released Roode as a Basic and quickly followed it up with an Elite figure. I definitely would have gotten Billie, but I have the reduced female figure articulation. Paige is so much of a retread figure she has the old articulation.

Photo Credit: Target

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