Marvel Legends Black Bolt figure review

OK so Inhumans didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but on the bright side it did help raise their profile enough for more figures. It is weird that Black Bolt got added to the Black Panther wave. Hasbro tried to explain the tie-in as they’re both kings, but this took away from another potential Black Panther character. Granted, Black Bolt is mostly a repaint, but I’m hoping Crystal, Gorgon and Karnak at least are on deck soon. Especially if they’re of the same quality as their king.

Package:  Black Bolt has the Inhumans logo prominently displayed. I’ll just assume that means we’ve got more Inhumans coming. With most of the primary colors used now, Hasbro has to use various shades. I like the Black Panther colors as it’s blue with some orange accents.

The inner lining has an orange Black Bolt insert, which helps to make the figure pop in contrast. The bio is OK, but Hasbro figures you either know these characters or you don’t now.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -wide

Likeness:  Black Bolt’s default head sculpt is a powered up, about to level a mountain yelling expression. That’s not all that common for him, but it makes for a dynamic, intense looking figure. The translucent ‘Kirby crackle’ power effect stemming from the tuning fork was a nice touch to showcase him charging up.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -crouching

The alternate head is more the serene, thoughtful expression I typically associate with the character. I love the option to swap heads out based on the scene or photo shoot. They’re harder to switch out than normal, but the soft plastic used for the tuning fork and power effect should help them from breaking off.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -about to scream

I’m not sure of another way Hasbro could implement the wings. Black Bolt’s fold in accordion style when his arms are in a resting position. Keeping the wings spread was probably the best choice even though it makes some of the action poses look kind of funky.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -scale with medusa, human torch and the thing

Scale:  Black Bolt uses the Bucky Cap body. That puts him at the same size as the recent Black Panther. His height and mass tends to vary depending on the author, but I think the Spidey UK buck would have been the ideal size for him.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -with medusa

Paint:  In a rarity for Hasbro these days, I had some trouble finding a good paint job. Two figures I saw had issues with blue overspray in the mouth. One had some major issues with the silver on the outfit with some incomplete and chips. The screaming head also had some chips along the chin. Given that fact, you might want to see Black Bolt in person instead of ordering online.

Unlike the black paint job from the Thanos Initiative set, Hasbro went with a more comic accurate dark navy blue for this version. I like this color choice a lot more even though the Inhumans have a nice mix of colors anyway. Once I finally get around to opening the Thanos set, I’ll try and remember to add a picture with the black painted Black Bolt.


Articulation:  Hey, it’s a Marvel Legend figure and they’ve got great articulation. You shouldn’t have a lot of problems coming up with dynamic poses for Black Bolt. I only wish he came with some flat hands to make for more accurate flight poses.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -flying angry

Black Bolt has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Elbows (double-jointed)
  • Torso
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees (double-jointed)
  • Ankles

marvel legends black bolt figure review -vs the thing

Accessories:  With a smaller scale Build A Figure in Okoye, I would have liked if Hasbro tossed in another accessory. Maybe Black Bolt’s crown? I appreciate the two heads, but Black Bolt seems a little shortchanged compared to some of his wave mates.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -in tray

Black Bolt comes with the right leg for Okoye. I’m not hard pressed to get her, but I’ll probably end up assembling her by the end of the year.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -with invisible woman, the thing, human torch and medusa

Worth it? I got Black Bolt for the usual $20 price. Maybe by December he’ll be super cheap, but there’s also the risk that he’ll end up like Cyclops and stay prohibitively expensive.

Rating: 9 out of 10

With the UK Spider-Man buck and a better way to handle the wings and this would be an easy 10. It’s still a really good figure and more classic take on an essential cosmic Marvel player.

marvel legends black bolt figure review -landing

Where to Get It?  Toys R Us has been the most consistent with stocking the Black Panther wave. These will be plentiful within the next month, but I’d start there first. I’ve seen some remnants at Target and Gamestop. If you’re feeling lucky about the paintjob, try or get the full set from Entertainment

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