WWE Fantasy Booking: Balor Club vs. The Shield

Think about some of your all-time favorite wrestling dream matches. Hogan/Flair, Goldberg/Lesnar (Take 2), Michaels/Angle. In every case the match itself was enough to get fans excited about which star would come out on top. But that wasn’t enough to truly make it memorable. The wrestlers needed a reason to go to war on a deeper level. This Bullet Balor Club vs. The Shield (injury remix edition) has provided some great in-ring action, but it needs real personal stakes.

So far, it’s just been an enjoyable time-killer, but there’s a way this feud could evolve to be as a memorable as Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority or Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels. Time for a little Fantasy Booking of Balor Club vs. The Shield.

Jason Jordan Roman Reigns Seth Rollins

The dynamic with The Shield is pretty interesting despite Dean Ambrose being on the injured list. Jason Jordan is starting to find his way in his pampered, cocky, rising star role. He’s creating some great tension as he’s oblivious to how his attitude is annoying Roman Reigns and his tag team champion partner Seth Rollins.

Probably the most obvious starting point is the lack of purpose for Balor Club. Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows sure look happy to be reunited as a unit, but what is their purpose? Looking around the waists and shoulders of The Shield, that should be apparent — declaring their supremacy over The Shield by taking all their titles.

Seth Rollins face off Finn Balor

For Finn Balor, it’s personal since Rollins prematurely ended his WWE Universal champion reign and put him on the shelf for months. That’s why it seems like the easiest move here would be to turn Balor Club heel. I keep wondering if The Club’s exaggerated smiles and demeanor is to establish them as a happy go lucky crew just excited to team together before turning them into a violent and dangerous faction.

WWE actually has the right formula now with Balor feeling overlooked and ignored for a rematch for the title he never lost in the ring. As the WWE keeps pushing its golden boy Roman Reigns and the fans are now embracing the man who stole months of his livelihood, Balor realizes the only people who have his back are his Club. Currently, this feud is missing the true heel/face dynamic and The Balor Club makes the most sense.

After a series, Balor can beat Reigns for the Intercontinental title with help from Anderson and Gallows and then he can help them win the tag belts. Jordan and Rollins can continue their feud with Anderson and Gallows while Balor keeps a stranglehold on the IC belt. Reigns is then free to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal title, which once again triggers Balor’s vendetta against The Shield as they have the belt they cost him all along.

The Balor Club 2018

Balor doesn’t have to win, just portrayed as a lethal, legit threat to Reigns. This would be the ideal time for Balor to unveil his most sinister incarnation of The Demon yet.

Back to the tag team component. WWE could have Anderson and Gallows push back Jordan and Rollins’ challenge for two months before moving on to other teams. Months later, Rollins can ask for one more shot against The Club with a surprise partner. Dean Ambrose returns and on his first night back, he and Rollins regain the tag belts.

This somewhat annoys Jordan, who brushes it off as he assumes they’ll incorporate a Freebirds/Demolition style partnership. Once again denied, Jordan takes a more impactful decision and betrays Ambrose and Rollins, helps Anderson and Gallows regain the titles and officially joins Balor Club as its fourth member.

So that’s how I’d handle The Balor Club vs. The Shield feud, which could take WWE through a good portion of 2018. What do you think?

Photo Credit: WWE.com