DC Collectibles reveals DC Core PVC line

For the challenges with its action figure, DC Collectibles tends to make some amazing statues. For 2018 that will definitely remain true with its DC Core PVC statue line.

One of the big lures of the line is the reasonable $50 price tag. I really like the look of the Batman, The Joker and Batgirl statues as they really capture the personality of the characters. Each figure will stand upon a character-specific base that will include the same intricate details as the statue itself.

DC Core Joker statue

Joker kicks off DC Core in August followed by Batman in September and Wonder Woman and Batgirl close out the year in November.

DC Core BatmanDC Core Wonder Woman

‘DC Collectibles is always looking for new ways to bring our rich portfolio of DC Super Heroes and stories to life, and PVC allows us to create complex, exaggerated poses we’ve never tried before,’ DC Collectibles’ executive creative director Jim Fletcher said in a statement. ‘With PVC, we don’t have to worry as much about breakage, since the material is more durable than resin, and we can offer these statues at a lower price point without sacrificing quality. Fans will be amazed at the great attention to detail given to each character, and we hope they are as thrilled with the DC Core designs as we are.’

DC Collectibles is also releasing a multi-part statue featuring the iconic New Teen Titans #1 cover based on the artwork by George Perez. I really like the transition of Changeling and Wonder Girl’s mid-flight pose.

The Teen Titans release start off with appropriately Robin and Starfire in August, Changeling and Cyborg in September, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl in October and Raven in November.

Finally, DCC has new additions to the Designer Series line with a Brian Bolland-based Batman mini statue ($80 in August); a Harley Quinn expression pack for the Batman: The Animated Series line and a new Batgirl DC Cover Girl statue based on Joëlle Jones’ art. The $50 Harley pack will include: eight different expressions, two hyenas, multiple pieces of weaponry, roller skates, a fish head costume and a deluxe base and will be available in August. The Batgirl statue will also be available in August for $125.

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles