DC Multiverse Wonder Girl figure review

I was perhaps a little irrationally annoyed when Mattel ended the DC Classics line. My nerd outrage was in full swing lamenting the Rainbow Lanterns and Super Friends at the expense of all the characters and teams on my wish list like Weather Wizard, Sand, modern Hawkgirl, etc. With the DC Multiverse on its ‘time to call it a comeback’ mode, I’m back to collecting mass market DC figures again. One of the great feelings in figure collecting is seeing a figure on the pegs you weren’t expecting. That was the case when I saw Wonder Girl.

I really loved Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run particularly for the care in how he handled Young Justice characters Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl and Impulse. That incarnation of the Titans seemed a pipe dream to complete since there were so many holes, but we’re slowly adding to the ranks. Wonder Girl was a major player on that team, which might explain the high demand for this figure, but is it warranted?

Package:  Mattel isn’t wasting a lot of resources on the packaging. The Multiverse line has never had the best package set up, but this might be the worst.


There’s no information on Wonder Girl at all and the back is crammed with all the various languages and a quick breakdown of who has which part of the Build-A-Figure Dr. Psycho. This was a thrown together ‘assortment’ and Mattel didn’t put much effort into it.

Likeness:  This figure is a major improvement from the original prototype. Typically, that’s the other way around so it’s nice to see that reversed here.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - hands on hips

The head sculpt isn’t too soft although the hair strands aren’t as detailed as I’d like for this scale. The tank top with logo is sculpted well. In this instance, the thinner arms make sense as Cassie is a teenager not a grown woman.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - scale with artemis

Scale:  It wouldn’t be the DC Classics/Multiverse line without some scaling issues, right? I’ll try to fudge away Wonder Girl’s height by throwing out some Amazonian gibberish, but really this line needs to establish and stick to a consistent scale. Cassie towers over fellow teens and is almost eye to eye with Wonder Woman. That is not accurate.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - scale with tim drake robin

Paint:  There’s not a lot of detail here, but what we do get is nicely done. I really don’t remember a lot of paint issues with DC Classics figures and that remains the case. Wonder Girl has a clean, sharp paint job. The boots have a nice gloss to convey leather and the bracelets have a touch of a sheen to simulate metal.

The logo is maybe a bit too bright yellow. I’m glad it’s not the same shade as Cassie’s hair, which would have been a bad look.


Articulation:  Since I haven’t regularly picked up DC Multiverse figures the articulation is always kind of surprising. Not in a good way. It’s consistent with what came before and I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense to shake up the articulation scheme now.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - punching monsuier mallah

This is where DC Collectibles really needs to step its game up to provide Marvel Legends style articulation while Mattel just fills in more gaps in the DC Classics collection. Wonder Girl won’t be able to strike any exciting flight poses and the ankle articulation omission limits deeper fighting stances. I had the extra ‘bonus’ as my figure wasn’t sealed properly so every twist of the neck split the torso area. Time for the superglue…

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - about to fly off

Wonder Girl has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee

Accessories:  While I appreciate the golden lasso inclusion, I would have preferred a removable one to use as a weapon. In that regard, the DC Icons Wonder Woman definitely spoiled me.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - in tray

She does come with one useful accessory — half of the BAF Doctor Psycho. That means you’ll have to pluck down and get the Dark Knight version of Wonder Woman to complete him. Very sneaky Mattel.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - reaching for lasso

Worth it?  I got Wonder Girl for $20. That’s a little high for a 6” figure without a decent amount of accessories or a massive BAF piece. On the other hand, it’s not likely you’ll find this figure easily for less than $20. I wouldn’t pay more than that unless you’re a die-hard fan.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - scale with blue beetle and tim drake robin

Rating: 6 out of 10

The scale and articulation limitations really hold Wonder Girl down. She’s fine on a Teen Titans shelf, but the problems sabotage this one.

dc multiverse wonder girl figure review - flying ahead

Where to Get It?  I’ve read reports of folks finding this mini wave at Wal-Mart, but I found Wonder Girl at Target. So far no Toys R Us sightings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s not worth checking out either. Or you can go the marked up route of sellers on Amazon.com.