Marvel Legends BAF Warlock figure review

In a rarity for me, I’ve left a completed BAF sitting in my to review pile long after I’m completed him. It’s definitely not because Warlock was a trash figure. He’s continued the proud tradition of the latest Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men waves having stellar BAFs well worth tracking down. If anything it was a lack of fellow New Mutants to pair him up with that kept Warlock waiting in the wings.

Package:  As the BAF of the X-Men wave, Warlock doesn’t get any fancy packaging or even a bio. That’s probably the only thing I wish Hasbro would bring back from its early days with the Marvel Legends license.

Likeness:  Warlock is easily one of the most challenging characters to bring to figure form. To do correctly, he needs completely new sculpting — tough in a reuse heavy era — and a vision to capture his free-flowing look. Warlock isn’t as massive as Juggernaut, but he’s every bit as impressive.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -front details

The level of detail is incredible throughout with the sculpting capturing the complexity of his look. It’s probably best that Warlock got made at this point with Marvel Legends. Hasbro has enough faith in the line to do the 100% original sculpt and not try and shortcut it with paintwork.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -hair detail

The head sculpt seals the deal as it’s so expressive and fully captures his personality. This is really strong work from Hasbro right down to the flowing ‘hair locks.’

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -scale with shatterstar and cable

Scale:  Warlock isn’t a giant, but frequently changed his shape as needed to defend his New Mutants pals. He definitely stands much taller than Magik so his scale is accurate.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -hanging with magik

Paint:  From a distance, this paint job might not look all that impressive. Look closer though and you’ll appreciate all the intricate work to get the gold and black down just like Warlock’s comic appearance.

Articulation:  Warlock doesn’t feature the standard Marvel Legends articulation scheme, but he has the necessary elements for his regular movements.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -wide pose

The huge hiccup is the wires/tubes connecting from his arms to his back. They’re just short enough that you can’t move Warlock much without popping them out.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -time for battle

Warlock has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -running from juggernaut

Accessories:  I always appreciate when Hasbro gives the BAF accessories. That’s not a given considering the nature of the BAF though. Warlock has an alternate buzz saw hand, which successfully conveys his transmutation abilities.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review - battle ready with buzzsaw

Worth it?  Thanks to Hasbro generously not forcing me to buy Old Man Logan for an extra piece, I only needed six figures to build Warlock. If you caught Toys R Us, Target or Amazon at the right time you could have built Warlock for less than $100. Considering the strength of the X-Men lineups and the quality of Warlock, this was a great deal all around.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -lifting buzzsaw

Rating: 9 out of 10

The arm wires are the only thing holding Warlock back here. Well, that and the lack of New Mutants figures. With the movie coming later this year, I fully expect Hasbro to give him some company by the end of 2018.

marvel legends baf warlock figure review -ready to fight alongside cable and shatterstar

Where to get It?  I’m not a huge fan of trying to piecemeal grabbing BAFs. Get the full case from Entertainment Earth so you can get all the figures — including the hard to find Cyclops.

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