SH Figuarts Chewbacca figure review

Has there been a more unsung hero in pop culture than Chewbacca? He had to deal with a constantly broken-down ship; ill-fitting handcuffs; being a decoy for a probe droid; re-assembling a fussy droid; Jabba’s smelly dungeon and organizing teddy bear sidekicks all without getting a lousy medal. Fortunately, SH Figuarts knows how to honor Chewbacca with a terrific entry in its Star Wars line.

Packaging:  Nothing new from the standard package except for the noticeably bigger and taller packaging. The Figuarts packaging is functional enough in recalling the old Kenner treatment, but it’s nothing you’d have to keep MOC thanks to the figure largely being obscured. The rear of the package helpfully has some images on the showing various poses and display options.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - hands on hips

Likeness:  Harrison Ford might be the hardest to get the head sculpt, but Chewbacca has some complexities to properly render as well. It’s really doing the hair properly so it has a layered look and hiding the articulation points as much as possible. Figuarts pulled this off really well in giving the hair some depth so it’s not all neatly arranged in one direction.

The head swap choice is somewhat odd. It pegs into place easily, but leaves a noticeable seam line if you don’t line it up just right. And even when you do it’s somewhat hard to unsee it.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - head articulation

The default head sculpt is the calm, thoughtful looking expression that looks like Chewbacca is considering Han’s latest, ridiculous scheme. Chewie’s bandolier and pouch don’t come off, but that’s part of his look and I’d never take it off of him anyway.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - scale with luke skywalker and han solo

Scale:  The Star Wars scale is relatively easy. Chewbacca towers over everyone and Leia looks up at everybody. Figuarts has the scale down with Chewie being about a head taller than Han Solo and a head and a half more than Luke.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review -side to side with han solo


Paint:  Chewbacca doesn’t require a ton of paint, but Figuarts understood the need for variations to the fur. There’s a good amount of dark brown and light brown to break up the base brown used.

Articulation: For Chewbacca, I really just need him to hold his bowcaster…and maybe throttle Lando and some Stormtroopers. The Figuarts version nails so much of the unexpected articulation needs — Chewie can crouch! — but thanks to the face plate setup, there’s not a lot of left to right range in the neck. Also somewhat frustrating, the arms and hands don’t come together perfectly for Chewie to hold his bowcaster.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - arms behind head

Chewbacca has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows (double-jointed)
  • Wrist
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Knees (double-jointed)
  • Ankles

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - fighting off stormtroopers with han solo

Accessories:  Chewie’s bowcaster looks terrific and slings across his shoulder with no problem. Additionally, there’s five hands to swap out. As usual, this is my least favorite aspect of pretty much every Figuarts figure since they’re so blasted hard to swap out. Just use hot water to avoid any problems.

Chewie has an alternate head sculpt with more of a growling, ferocious expression. This is a much better second portrait and adds more options for action scenes.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review -alternate head sculpt

Worth It?  While I’ve gotten the rest of the figures (save Padme) for reasonable prices, Chewie was a bit more expensive at just under $90. That’s the cost of not pre-ordering when he was about $40 cheaper. At his original price, he’s a great value.

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - battle ready with han solo

Rating: 9 out of 10

bandai sh figuarts chewbacca figure review - at bay door with han solo and luke skywalker

Where to Get It?  Chewbacca is long sold out at most online retailers. Your best bet now is to grab him on or hope to get lucky on eBay.