Supergirl: Fort Rozz review S3 E11

Fort Rozz continued Supergirl’s somewhat lackluster return from the winter break. This could have worked, but got undone by some weird decisions.

To track down some information that could possibly stop Reign, Supergirl has to travel near a star that negates her powers. And is also fatal to anyone with a Y chromosome. Guess that means Guardian won’t be able to help Kara like he has all season. And Daxamites definitely have Y chromosomes too so Mon-El is out. Ditto for the Coluan Braniac-5. And there’s absolutely no reason J’onn can’t shape shift into a woman for this mission. That is, if he ever could be bothered to help Supergirl. Look, if the Supergirl writers wanted to have a female squad roll with Supergirl, they just need to put more effort into it.


With a lack of options, Kara recruits Livewire and Psi to roll with her and Saturn Girl. If ever there was an indictment on the lack of female superheroes created and used on this show, this was it. Last rhetorical question. Why wouldn’t the writers simply add in a few more female Legionnaries? And how many of them are still asleep anyway? Also, this is my obligatory reminder that the Legion costumes on Supergirl are terrible.

Livewire was fun for maybe the first two appearances, but Brit Morgan hams it up so much now she’s become annoying. And her wig looks like everyone in hair and makeup stopped caring. This premise was weak and the writers tried to toss in some more needless drama by having Supergirl almost immediately start questioning Psi. It felt silly and weird for Supergirl to be so focused on trying to redeem Reign when she wouldn’t give her own ally a fair shot.

supergirl fort rozz review - supergirl and rozz

The ship set looked unusually cheap. Supergirl sets typically don’t betray its TV budget, but this looked more like a warehouse than usual. I’ll give them credit for casting Sarah Douglas as Jindah Kol Rozz though. This was a nice Superman II Easter Egg.

While it served the purpose to advance the story, it seemed too soon to have Kara confront Reign again. Psi fittingly got in her head tapping into the dormant Samantha aspect of her personality, but not before Reign zapped Livewire with her heat vision. Livewire apparently joins the lightning force with Palpatine. Despite the attempts, the episode did nothing to make Saturn Girl stand out apart from her marriage with Mon-El. It was also

Initially, the Alex and Ruby subplot looked like it was going to be a drag, especially when Maggie texted. Maggie is that crappy ex who randomly texts just when you’re over them. I was worried the writers were just shift the pining after the ex subplot from Kara to Alex. Fortunately, Alex got over it by dealing with one of Ruby’s bullies in a fun scene. I wonder if the show is setting Alex up to be Ruby’s guardian when Sam goes full Reign?

supergirl fort rozz review - reign and supergirl

Thanks to her encounter with Psi, Sam starts remembering she’s blacking out and can’t account for her missing time. This season has done a great job of making Sam a sympathetic character and a villain overcoming the standard my friend is now my enemy plot that’s become common with the CW shows.

Fort Rozz’s big payoff might have been the first appearance of one of Reign’s presumed allies. Judging by how Julia (Krys Marshall) selflessly saved her friend from getting pancaked by a car, she’s my bet for Purity and not Pestilence. Hey, maybe Supergirl can get some super-powered female friends of her own, after all?

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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