Arrow: We Fall review S6 E11

We Fall kept Arrow’s 2018 newfound resurgence going. There were a couple of concerning moments and one big logic gap, but overall, this was another solid episode.

Maybe the biggest shocker was the handling of Felicity. This was the first time in a long time that it felt like the writers seemed confident in writing her. She was supportive, awkwardly funny and able to make mistakes without them quickly being blown off. There was a lot to like with We Fall, but significantly rehabbing Felicity was the major takeaway.

Cayden James kicked off his revenge plan by unleashing a series of hack attacks that shorted out electrical systems in cars, cell phones, hospitals and elevators. Among the shocking (sorry) casualties was Police Chief Frank Pike. Getting electrocuted in an elevator is a pretty lousy way to go, but it was unexpected and immediately upped Cayden’s threat level. I was glad to see the main cast treat Pike’s death like it meant something.


Cayden came to Oliver’s office as Ben Gale. Nice Lost shout out. With the entire city infrastructure under his control, Cayden wants $10 million every night. Why? He’s under the mistaken belief that Green Arrow missed a target and killed his son one year ago. Has Cayden seen Green Arrow fight? He barely uses his arrows from a far enough distance to miss his initial target — unless you’re Felicity’s ex-boyfriend Billy, who we don’t talk about any more. We Fall finally gave showcased Emerson’s quiet, seething rage.

This leads to my main complaint — why was Team Arrow still using cell phones, computers, cars and elevators unless they knew their Star Power would protect them? Maybe you could explain it away with Cayden telling Oliver he’s safe, but it seemed pretty ridiculous that the team would consistently put themselves at risk knowing a hack could strike at any moment.

Arrow we fall review The outsiders

Regardless of what Dinah thinks, I’m calling the Arrow outcasts The Outsiders. It was interesting seeing Curtis not just step up, but shine in the role of leader. That was a surprisingly good fit. Thankfully, Dinah’s apprehension on trusting Vince was short-lived. Vigilante going undercover to take down Cayden’s crew makes a lot more sense than him suddenly deciding to become a villain.

We Fall finally moved past that lingering silly subplot with William’s concern over Oliver being Green Arrow. Felicity was great during the scene intercut with Team Arrow and The Outsiders battling Cayden’s crew. Vigilante killed Boots to save Wild Dog so it looks like he’s not lying. Diggle misses being Green Arrow.

Arrow we fall review Spartan

I’m glad the writers aren’t acting like the first half of this season didn’t happen. Or maybe Diggle just wants a better outfit than this new one from Cisco. Between this and Ralph’s new costume, it’s looking like Cisco is costume creatively burnt out.

With no good options left, Oliver starts down the rabbit hole and to prevent another catastrophe, pays the ransom. That’s not going to work out Oliver. Of all the returning shows, Arrow has come out strongest and seems to have a much clearer direction now. This was another good indicator that the earlier inconsistencies this season are fading.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW