Lyles Movie Files Podcast: Ep. 13 – WWE Royal Rumble 2018 preview

For Ep. 13, I’m joined by my longtime friend Kevin Montague as we preview WWE Royal Rumble 2018. Who do we want to see emerge from the men’s and historic first time women’s Royal Rumble? And who do we really expect to stand tall and point at the big Wrestlemania sign by the time the event is done?

Also, we take a look at RAW 25 and why it failed to meet viewer’s expectations. How could WWE have made it more memorable and why did they choose to play it safe? Our thoughts on that and which old school star impressed us enough to think they should be back in the WWE today.


Finally, we share our thoughts on how we’d handle the ROH/New Japan Bullet Club situation. Tune in and drop a comment about what you’re expecting to see this week.

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