Marvel Legends Retro Captain America figure review

Typically, I’m not a figure double-dipper especially with Hasbro cranking out pretty close to definitive versions of characters. But the Marvel Legends Retro line has made getting the same figure I got earlier a necessity. Today I’m looking at the Retro Captain America, which in keeping with the rest of the Retro Wave 1 is a big improvement over the initial release.  

Package:  Making a case for packaging of the year awards is this old school tribute to the old Toy Biz design. It works even better with Marvel Legends as opposed to the smaller 5-inch scale figures. The color scheme remains just as eye catching with the vibrant blue, wide logo and dynamic picture of Cap throwing his shield. The back is also snazzy with a yellow bio and a wider display of the other Retro figures. I really like this setup.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - wide

Likeness:  There’s not much difference on the overall likeness of this figure. All the changes are accomplished via paint changes. That’s fine with the rest of the Retro figures, but it hurts Cap as his head sculpt is one of my least favorite since Hasbro revived Marvel Legends. It looks way too brutish and mean for Cap. It’s absolutely perfect for US Agent though. It’s telling that the original Toy Biz Series 1 Cap still has the best head sculpt.

Beyond that, the figure is just as terrific as the original with a great build and the right amount of proportions on the gloves and boots. Other characters might work well off this buck, but it is perfect for Captain America.


marvel legends retro captain america figure review - scale with iron man, goliath and sub-mariner

Scale:  Cap is basically the pinnacle of human achievement plus 10. It makes sense that he’s a little taller than other characters. The thick torso also provides a nice distinction for Cap and Spider-Man size characters.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - comparison with civil war captain america

Paint:  Here’s the main reason you’re getting this figure. The classic paint job. Like Wolverine, the original paint job was just fine, but the Retro Cap sports a brighter blue that’s much more in line with the shade used in the comics. It’s a great lighter blue that plays off the Fantastic Four, Cyclops and Spider-Man blues well.

Hasbro went a step further and added the scale mail to the front and back of the outfit. The application is great with the tampo applied cleanly on both the chest and arms. It makes a good figure even better.

Articulation:  This body allows for a ton of signature Cap poses and with the accessory, it opens up even more dynamic possibilities. This is one of the better engineered bodies Hasbro has used with fluid articulation and no stiff or loose joints.

Captain America has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - vs red guardian

Accessories:  There’s no Cap Wolf head this time, but Hasbro did include something to help sweeten the deal — the shield slinging hand. I thought this was a great accessory when it came with that hideous modern Secret Wars Cap figure.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - raising shield

Getting it with the classic version saves me the trouble of trying to wait that figure out on super clearance price. It’s a nice gimmick and the action effect is something I’d love to see Hasbro continue with characters like Thor, Cyclops or any other projectile/laser type character.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - slinging shield at red guardian

In case you don’t want Cap always in shield tossing mode, he has a separate right fist. The shield is also different from the Civil War version. That had a dark red almost translucent like paint scheme. This looks more solid with interior detailing. Chalk up another win for the Retro Cap figure.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - retro and regular shield

Considering the Retro wave was a complete set of six figures I wouldn’t have minded a Retro style repaint Build a Figure like The Hulk.

Worth it? I took advantage of a great Toys R Us sale to get Retro Captain America for $15. That’s the best price considering the scaled back accessories and lack of a Build-A-Figure piece.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review -punching out baron zemo

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a great use of the Retro line. If Hasbro makes a better head sculpt with this color scheme, I’m going to end up buying this figure a third time.

marvel legends retro captain america figure review - with avengers iron man, goliath and scarlet witch

Where to Get It?  I’ve seen the figures at Toys R Us and Target, but I’ve read reports of folks finding them in Walgreens and Wal-Mart as well. If you want to avoid the hassle of hoping to find them, get him here from Amazon or get the entire set from Entertainment Earth.