Agents of SHIELD: Together or Not at All review S5 E7

I’m still along on this space ride of Agents of SHIELD, but I’m kinda ready for for the next arc back in the present. Despite with my impatience, it’s still easy to appreciate episodes like Together or Not at All even as it suggests SHIELD in Space is a long ways from concluding.

In the rushing to conclusions department, Kasius didn’t get killed last week. He merely got a nasty scar across his face. Why Gemma opted for a flesh wound instead of the Princess Leia kill strike is another question. The big worry for much of Together or Not at All was if the writers were somehow trying to make him a sympathetic character with his big brother harassing him all episode. That space shuttle went into hyperdrive a long time ago.

Sinara was increasingly less than pleased with Kasius. Of all the people he needs to keep happy she needs to top the list. Begrudgingly, she rolled with Faulnak’s assassin, Maston-Dar to find Daisy. The writers tried to make this a bit too even a fight with Maston-Dar using regular guns and knives to hunt them.

agents-of-shield-together-or-not-at-all - mack and elena

With Fitz’s space shuttle blown up, the nearly reunited SHIELD had to figure out a new escape plan. I know SHIELD is used to seeing friends and allies die all the time, but Tess really had a terrible death and no one from SHIELD seemed to care. Fortunately Flint was around to first grieve and ultimately avenge her.

We haven’t gotten a real sense of how many Kree are on the ship, but over the last few episodes their body count has tripled. How many more Kree deaths would it take to start a real revolution? Especially if Daisy doesn’t even need her powers to kill one? Maybe that will start as soon as next week? I’m already a fan of Mack being Flint’s big brother/mentor. This will allow the show to continue exploring Mack’s void of being a father without too many complications. Mack and Yo-Yo ditch the rescue May mission in order to stay on the ship and help Flint. This subplot felt like an excuse just to keep the team from fully reuniting.

But hey, at least Deke joined up with Coulson and crew. Deke provides a welcome voice of reason, but he seems like a tag-a-long character now.

agents-of-shield-together-or-not-at-all - deke

On the planet, May barely escapes an attack from one of the roaches. With a full view of them, they look suspiciously like The Brood. Given the complicated licenses, I couldn’t imagine SHIELD would have access to the X-Men adversaries, but it was kinda neat to see some semblance of them in action. Enoch saves May, but they both get rounded up by presumably the last SHIELD outpost in the future. And May meets back up with Robin, the Inhuman prognosticator who helped Fitz travel to the future.

I was glad the episode wrapped with Sinara killing Maston-Dar and Kasius killing Faulnak. It solidified their status as the main arc villains without being undermined. As disinterested as I am in Kasius’ family squabbles, I am surprisingly interested in Kasius and Sinara as a romantic power duo.

Together or Not at All seemed to finally reunite all of the team only for them to split up again. I don’t know how long this pattern can keep going this season, but for now AOS hasn’t suffered for it. Hopefully that trend also continues.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/ABC

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