New Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 figures revealed

This one has been rumored for a while now, but now we got official confirmation of at least half of the Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 DeadpoolMarvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 Lady deadpool

There’s another Deadpool variant in a classic X-Men style costume, Lady Deadpool and Omega Red. The Build-A-Figure for Deadpool Wave 2 is really going to have to be impressive to sell me on another Deadpool variant and Lady Deadpool.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 Omega red

Omega Red looks great though and it’ll be good to replace the old Toy Biz version. That list of Toy Biz figures in need of a Hasbro update is dramatically shrinking over the last couple of years.

Also in advance of the Deadpool movie sequel, there’s some more role-playing gear with a face hider mask ($9.99) and Deadpool katanas ($19.99).

Deadpool role play Face hiderDeadpool role play katanas

Finally, Deadpool gets a 12-inch figure ($9.99) in the Titans style line.

Deadpool titan figure

All figures will be available this fall and at Hasbrotoyshop.

Photo Credit: Hasbro