Star Ace reveals Real Master Series Green Arrow 1/8 Scale Figure

Star Ace is filling a sizable hole for DC CW fans. First up, they debuted The Flash and now they’ve got the other member of DC’s longtime series — Green Arrow.

PRE-ORDER: The Real Master Series Green Green Arrow Deluxe Figure

I don’t really see the Stephen Amell likeness that much here. Maybe it’ll look better in hand? I imagine next up will be Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. But that’s jumping ahead a bit. Here’s all the info on Green Arrow:

With the perfect balance of realism with a compact size, the 1:8 scale Master Series delivers a collectible that is ready for play or display. This 1/8 scale collectible figure comes with two heads; one with the Green Arrow’s mask on, and one of the unmasked Oliver Queen.

The deluxe version contains three special arrows.

Box Contents

  • Green Arrow figure
  • Masked head
  • Unmasked Oliver Queen’s head
  • 6 Interchangeable hands:
    • Pair of open hands
    • Pair of fists
    • Pair of hands for holding the bow and arrow
  • Green Arrow battle suit
  • Green Arrow armor
  • Boots
  • Bow
  • Quiver with six arrows (non-removeable)
  • Normal Arrow
  • Arrow with Fire
  • Arrow with timer
  • Arrow for catching
  • Arrow with boxing glove


I like that Star Ace is packing a slew of variant arrows. That’s always important as is the ability for the figure to draw an arrow back in the bow. Star Ace has that covered as well so I’m interested in seeing how the articulation flows.

Real-Master-Series-Arrow collage

Real-Master-Series-Arrow-aiming arrow

Green Arrow is slated for release third quarter 2018. You can pre-order him from Big Bad Toy Store.

The Flash The Green Arrow Deluxe The Flash Collectible Figure

Photo Credit: Star Ace