Grow big or go home in first Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer

Just a reminder, Marvel Studios fully has no plans of stopping after Avengers: Infinity War. Following a tremendous reception at Monday’s Black Panther premiere, Marvel Studios released the first Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer.


I really love how all of these movies have a different tone to them now. The growing Hello Kitty Pez trick was fun. The growing and shrinking of objects recalls Hank Pym’s stint in the comics when he traded his superhero identities for a red jumpsuit and shrunk everything but himself. That will be fun to see incorporated into the movie.


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Outside of the helmet, I dig Wasp’s costume and look forward to seeing her in action. Hopefully we’ll see more of The Ghost as she should make for a fun villain for them to battle.

The only question I’ve got so far is how Ant-Man and Wasp manage to avoid getting involved in the Infinity War drama? This looks to be a lot of fun and this is just the first Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer.

Ant-Man and The Wasp comes to theaters on July 6.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios