Metropolis series features another Superman prequel no one asked for

DC’s streaming service has greenlit a 13-episode Metropolis series set for 2019.As seems to be the case for Superman shows, this one won’t feature Superman. Instead, it’s a look at The City of Tomorrow before Superman arrived and it will focus on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. No, not as adversaries in the crusade for truth against the megalomaniac genius. This series will have Lex and Lois teaming up to expose Metropolis’ dark side.

This is a completely different show from the SyFy Superman-prequel series, Krypton. That show focuses on Superman’s grandfather and his life on the doomed planet.

Metropolis lex Luthor and Lois Lane

I don’t understand this fascination with any Superman-related without Superman. Smallville managed to pull it off, but by the midway point of its 10-season run, it was pretty much a Superman show minus a costume. That show even had the Justice League, Justice Society and the Legion of Super Heroes. The Legion would be fun to see on TV again…

Maybe I’m hating because it seems like the obvious Superman-related property still gets no love — Superboy. No, not the adventures of Superman when he was a boy, I’m talking Kon-El, the clone with the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. Initially, Superboy was just on the right side of being obnoxious. He didn’t like being called Superboy and didn’t have the same power set as the Man of Steel. But he did care about being famous.

Superboy 90s

When you look at the obsession of social media, Superboy seems like an ideal Millennial superhero. He wants to make an impact, but isn’t quite sure how to do it. He’s worried he won’t match up to his mentor’s legacy, but wants to make his own mark. Set the show in Hawaii like the comic book and pit Superboy against unique threats we haven’t seen on any Superman show yet. This still satisfies that weird desire not to spotlight Clark Kent and provide a fresh take on Superman.

Photo Credit: DC Comics
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