Supergirl For Good review S3 E12

For Good fell back into a lot of Supergirl tropes from the previous two seasons and no, that’s not a compliment.

This episode was a side quest focusing largely on Lena. The Reign storyline has been fantastic and this felt like an odd time to move away from it. Especially for another stale encounter with Morgan Edge.

Edge was his usual smarmy self when he saw Lena and James. Edge is steadily becoming less a character and more the writers’ avatar punching bag for all the powerful rich creeps. Too often these moments come off too cute like the writers are giving each other hi-fives after coming up with a line like ‘don’t grab women, sweetheart.’ It rarely comes off feeling anything less than hokey.

Hey look, a Guardian sighting! I know masks immediately make people unrecognizable in superhero shows, but it seemed like two smart people in Lena and Edge would have quickly pieced together that James is Guardian. And why would Edge try to run away with incriminating evidence instead of immediately destroying it?

supergirl for good review lena luthor, kara and morgan edge

Despite the Lena focus, it didn’t really feel like she had much of a breakthrough moment or make some major decision. It feels like the writers still aren’t sure if they want to tease her eventually becoming an enemy to Supergirl. Kara constantly having to talk Lena off the edge and recognize she’s more than her last name is growing old.

And another legacy irritant. What purpose does it serve to have Supergirl more powerful than Superman and Lena smarter than Lex beyond annoying Superman fans? Supergirl never wins with me when the writers feel the need to try and compare the female characters to the male characters.

For Good squandered the first appearance of Lex Luthor’s armored suit by having Lillian treat it like an Iron Man Mark armor. Mon-El once again seemed completely useless in a fight. This is really the guy who’s leading the Legion? And against General Zod no less? How many Superman fans do you figure groaned at the mention of Superman killing Zod in the present day? I bet there was a ton of Man of Steel sized outrage at that throwaway line.

There were some positive moments in For Good. Regardless of my other issues with Supergirl, one aspect that is consistently done so beautifully is the female bonding time. We got that with Sam and Alex, Kara and Lena and finally Sam, Lena, Kara and Alex. I always feel like these moments are what makes Supergirl special, not having the male characters constantly pumping them up. Still, it was a little weird how Alex had to become the DEO resident doctor in addition to her field commander/official bad a$$ responsibilities.

supergirl for good review kara and james

After building them up for so many weeks it was odd not to see Saturn Girl or Braniac-5 around. Especially when that leads to more Mon-El/Kara awkward romantic tension. I’m starting to think the main reason the writers ditched Saturn Girl’s telepathic abilities was to keep her somewhat clueless to Mon-El still seeking Supergirl’s approval like a lovesick puppy.

With Edge and Lillian temporarily in prison, it’s back to finding the rest of the World Killers. Supergirl recognizes one from a dream and based on next week’s trailer, it’s not going to go well.

For Good continued Supergirl’s post-break slump. The main bit of encouragement is knowing the Reign storyline will eventually get this season back on track.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW