Image Comics reviews for 1-31-18

Image Comics wraps up January with some fun new releases for the week of 1-31-18.

Hack/Slash Resurrection #4

Void Trip #3


Hack/Slash Resurrection #4

In the last issue of Hack/Slash Resurrection, we learned that there may be more to camp than what it seems. Issue #4 confirms that we are thrown into a much darker world this time around as Cassie eventually plays unconscious towards a Dr. whose intentions for the camp, and Cassie herself, aren’t pure.

This may have been the best issue of the series yet. Sex, gore, humor, and conspiracy run smoothly in this issue. I was actually kind of sad to see it end. Hack/Slash seriously gets better and better as the series progresses much like a few other Image premieres of last year. The next issue already looks to be even more explosive as Cassie finds herself questioning a dark revelation about herself.

I can’t recommend picking up this series enough. Just do it. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10/10

Void Trip #3

Last time we saw the duo of Void Trip, they were reaching Euphoria. This issue, is one of revelations as they reach Euphoria. Ana and Gabe discover that Euphoria is no more, so what does that mean for the hippies?

Void Trip #3 makes the series feel like it’s growing closer to the end. I already knew this series was only going to be 5 issues long but the last page of the issue, (if proven to be canon), certainly will make things interesting for Ana and make room for further character development.

Void Trip #3 is a hilarious addition to the series and I look forward to seeing what’s next for Ana and Gabe. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics