Agents of SHIELD The Last Day review S5 E8

The Last Day was an interesting episode. While it offered some nice character moments, there was very little advancement to the main story. This was probably the first episode that truly felt like this space arc is being stretched out. By the end, The Last Day basically left Coulson’s crew in the same state as before.

At least there was some advancement in the spaceship subplot. I’m very curious if the writers intentionally have Mack, Elena and Flint leading the resistance against the future blue privileged Kree because that’s kinda cool and I’m down for it.

Sure, they couldn’t rally the troops until the roaches had a buffet of some of the dregs, but they didn’t have names so how much did they matter? Yo-Yo tagging the roaches was a fun scene in a relatively minimal action focused episode. Also, Yo-Yo, The Turtleman & Pebbles sounds like an awesome name for a band.

Coulson’s subplot was a touch frustrating and a little confusing. That was partly due to switching back and forth from 2022 where SHIELD is in tatters and humanity is running out of hope. This time period presented some surprises as Coulson, Mack and Daisy were gone. Even more shocking? May was imploring the others to keep the faith and stay hopeful against overwhelming odds.


It was May who was encouraging Fitz and Elena to be patient with Robin’s various visions. This was a major contrast from the current/future day — the tense is so confusing — where everyone was desperate to get any information out of Robin.

This was the weakest element of The Last Day as Robin always spoke/communicated in riddles, but Coulson and company kept acting like asking her to be clearer was going to help. Getting a handle on Sammy Voss was also tricky. Initially, he seemed happy to work alongside SHIELD and even revealed he’s got a piece of the monolith aka SHIELD’s ticket home.

His heel turn to kill Daisy seemed to come out of nowhere though. I get he was worried Daisy would go back and destroy the planet, but for him that’s literally in the past. Why wouldn’t he be on board with Daisy and SHIELD returning and potentially preventing that tragedy and changing his fate?

And in another splash of cold water character moment, Deke’s father might actually be dead. But why Voss would kill him was left unanswered.

Agents of shield the last day Robin Coulson and may

Another major question where we were left hanging was Robin’s mention that the diner was the last time they were all seen together. Seen by who, exactly? And SHIELD is still relatively a secret agent group. It’s not like a lot of people see them all together at any point anyway.

Kasius had a token appearance this week as he sent Sinara after SHIELD and ordered the releasing of the hounds roaches. This was a weird play since last episode firmly established him as the big bad. So far, the much more pressing concern is SHIELD getting home and stopping Daisy from being more effective than a villain and destroying Earth.

Robin getting killed didn’t accomplish a whole lot either except reveal to May that she was her surrogate mother and treated her like her own. After May’s complicated past with children this was an interesting direction and maybe May steps away from SHIELD when they return home to fulfill her dream of being a mother?

The Last Day saw little movement of the needle, but at least the spaceship subplot is starting to get interesting. Now, it’s time to get some excitement with Coulson’s group and determine how Flint is the key to everything.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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