Check out the first two figures in the Marvel Legends Venom wave

Hasbro is not messing around with its 2018 offerings. I’m still wrapping up 2017 reviews and now we’ve got our first look at the Marvel Legends Venom wave.

Not too surprisingly, it’s the main man Venom and his other arch-enemy Carnage.

Of the list of Marvel Legends figures Hasbro needed to redo, Venom and Carnage were probably very low on my list. The Venom from the BAF Absorbing Man wave was one of my favorite versions of the character. But it’s hard to complain with the additional pieces. Venom looks to use one of the newer bodies, which should further increase his articulation and Carnage’s axe looks amazing.

Now the question is who will join them? This seems like an ideal time for a Silver Sabre figure or maybe even a classic take on Moon Knight. Another wave of Marvel Legends definitely opens up some fun possibilities.

marvel legends venom vs carnage

In addition to the Marvel Legends Venom reveals, Hasbro also showed a 6-inch Venom vs Carnage two-pack. While they’re in the similar scale as the Marvel Legends figure, these have much less articulation and paint applications. Basically, the 6-inch figures for kids.

Finally, Venom and Carnage get the 12-inch Titan scale treatment as well. This line is getting pretty prolific and between variants and the constant flow of movies this is becoming a massive line. It’s my go to for my younger nephews.

Photo Credit: Hasbro