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WWE Elite Paul Ellering, JJ Dillon, NXT TakeOver Elites lineups leaked

Good grief it’s impossible keeping up with these upcoming WWE leaks. This list isn’t attributed to any specific line, but it’s pretty amazing. This list of figures is seriously one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. It features some highly demanded Flashback figures and some much needed updates to some older figures. As usual, these lineups are subject to change or be swapped out. Shout out to @dfreedom30 and @showcase_collector on Instagram for uncovering this lineup.

Here’s the list:

wcw ron simmons

Ron Simmons with headband and WCW World Heavyweight Championship [this is likely the figure slotted for the WCW title Mattel showed at Ringside Fest

Jake Roberts (blue attire and new head)

Jim Duggan (new head sculpt)

This list makes some distinction here and stating the following figures are Elite. Simmons has way too many accessories to be a Basic though so this isn’t definitive.

wwe bret hart king of the ring 1993

Bret Hart — (King of the Ring 93 with crown, specter and robe)

wwe triple h red trunks

Triple H — This is so close to being the Triple H figure I’ve been whining about getting for a long time. This one comes with a new head, sledgehammer, water bottle and world heavyweight title. It’s most likely this look instead of his iconic best in the business 2000 appearance.

Mark Henry — Two are listed. One is the previously shown Sexual Chocolate version, but they also have the Nation of Domination look listed as well. That’s exciting as it would put us Kama away from a nearly complete NOD.

Bobby The Brain Heenan

Bobby Heenan — includes jacket. This was the winner of the WWE poll so this one seems legit

Big Show — new head, closed right fist. Hopefully this is Big Show from his tag team days with The Undertaker as that fits a very necessary Attitude Era look for the big guy.


The Rock — with checkered shirt. It was about time for a new version of The Great One so no complaints here.

Chris Jericho — with red tights. This really depends if it is more of an Elite version and not a more modern version of Y2J.

Kane — apparently this is the Elite 12 re-release, but this is great for folks who missed out on this one.

Target exclusives


NXT TakeOver Elite

Aleister Black

Johnny Gargano

Tommaso Ciampa

Paul Ellering

Down for all of those. The first NXT TakeOver series I’m getting every figure. I’m very excited that DIY isn’t some Wal-Mart exclusive as I’m still trying to find American Alpha

Hall of Champions Battle Pack

wwe bret hart vs shawn michaels

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels — with WWE championship. This is a decent pack, which I’ll be more interested in depending on the head sculpts

The Revival — with NXT tag team championship

Wal-Mart exclusive Flashback series

Paul Bearer with The UndertakerPaul Bearer

Dude Love

Ricky Steamboat

Dusty Rhodes

Definitely getting Steamboat and Dude Love. Rhodes and Bearer depend on their sculpts since I’ve already got them.

Heartbreak Hotel Build-a-Set

Shawn Michaels with vest

Razor Ramon

Doink the Clown with leg lamp

Alundra Blayze with WWE women’s championship

Unknown assortment:

Roddy Piper



Rob Van Dam

WWE Flashback Basic Build a JJ Dillon figure

Ric Flair with 4 Horsemen pack head sculpt

Lex Luger

Sting with head from Bash at the Beach three pack

Booker T


Unknown assortment:

123 Kid

Beth Phoenix


The Godfather

Rocky Maivia

Shane McMahon

Big Show

British Bulldog

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