DC Comics reviews for 2/7/18

Batman #40

batman #40 cover

Last issue was easily the most controversial of Tom King’s Batman run so far. King’s portrayal of Wonder Woman felt off and the unfortunate similarities to Action Comics #761 didn’t offer much hope for the second chapter. But King quickly recovered from the awkward cliffhanger he set up and for the most part course corrects many of the problems from last issue.

Batman and Wonder Woman watch the years go by as they deal with the Endless Horde. Meanwhile in Gotham, Catwoman accompanies the Gentle Man for a long overdue reunion. With whatever problems King had in handling Batman and Wonder Woman, he made Gentle Man reconnecting with his wife a truly touching moment. Better yet, the overall story further reinforced Batman and Catwoman’s devotion to one another. That seemed like it was going to be be challenging based on last issue, but King recovered nicely.

It helped that Joëlle Jones provides such incredible artwork. Jones’ pencils are always welcome on the book as she draws female characters so well and has such a beautiful command of conveying emotions with expressions and posture. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are consistently gorgeous on each page and panel. Even without dialogue this issue would be worth picking up for the art.

King spares Batman from a two-issue slump and with Jones and Bellaire’s great art, this is more of the Batman title we’ve come to expect and love.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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