DC Comics reviews for 2/7/18

Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #4

black lightning cold dead hands #4 cover

This was the most action-packed issue of the mini-series thus far as Black Lightning battled Tobias’ minions with children and cops caught in the fray.

While that made for some fun action sequences that didn’t leave room for much story substance. Writer Tony Isabella knows how to construct effective fight scenes though so the issue doesn’t feel too tedious. Maybe it’s that Isabella has made the quieter moments where he explores Jefferson Pierce’s life outside of the costume so interesting that I wanted more development on that end? With only two more issues left and the teases of some characters that will be very familiar to Black Lightning fans that it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to properly dig deep with these subplots and characters. Of course this could be Isabella’s intention to raise interest for a Black Lightning ongoing series?

Clayton Henry and Yvel Guichet continue to provide strong art for the series. They’re tasked with the biggest burden this issue with so much of the focus on the action front. I’ve been impressed that the art doesn’t look the same considering Black Lightning is a projectile hero, which doesn’t automatically lend itself to a lot of fight style options. That consistency with the art also bodes well for an ongoing title.

Black Lighting remains one of the recent pleasant surprises for DC. With the strength and popularity of the TV series and overall quality of this title, keeping it going seems like the smart play for DC.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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