DC Comics reviews for 2/7/18

Green Arrow #37

green arrow #37 cover

It’s time for some dues to get paid as the reunited Team Arrow faces off with Moira, Merlyn and Shado. With all his adversaries in one place, Green Arrow has to prioritize the main target especially with Emi’s life on the line.

But even if he deals with all the threats, writer Benjamin Percy has one last twist that could completely derail Green Arrow’s life. There’s another surprise that never truly felt earned. Percy tried to throw in that twist to surprise readers, but it lacked a real payoff and the resolution was similarly underwhelming.

Juan Ferreyra’s art remains breathtaking. It clearly takes some time as Green Arrow has quietly shifted to more of a monthly release schedule, but the results are worth it. Ferreyra uses a lot of splash pages, which can make digital viewing tricky so I recommend picking up this issue at a comic book store.

Percy sets events up nicely to wrap the Trial of Oliver Queen. I’m sure he’s not done with surprises yet and it’ll be fun to see how the ride ends.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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