DC Comics reviews for 2/7/18

Justice League #38

justice league #38 cover

I’m starting to get the feeling that The People vs. Justice League is going to make a lot more sense in a collected edition. Right now, it feels like a story that’s going all over the place without a clear direction.

Last issue saw the League pursue and ultimately take on The Fan in more of a traditional hero vs villain story. This issue, writer Priest returns to the slow burn in the previous three chapters. Tracking down The Fan seems like a low priority for the Justice League as they deal with other issues, including Batman’s competency as leader.

Priest has been laying the breadcrumbs to make Cyborg the new team leader, but he hasn’t done enough for this switch to feel all that organic. Batman is acting a little out of character and an exchange late in the issue with Jessica Cruz completely disregards established history and current events in Batman. That seemingly unnecessary moment is probably going to irritate some Batman readers.

The biggest action scenario this issue revolves around The Flash rescuing a shuttle pilot. Priest has some great lines here that remind readers Barry Allen is a scientist, but it goes on too long to be the only action of significance. And while it’s cool to see, there’s no explanation for why Aquaman suddenly starts wearing his blue camo suit.

Marco Santuci’s artwork is solid and reminiscent of Sal Velluto’s pencils with the fully fleshed out panels and realistic portrayal of the heroes. Alex Sollazzo’s color work isn’t overly flashy, but works well paired with Santucci’s pages.

By the fifth chapter of an arc, it’s nice to have a better feel of what’s going on. It kind of feels like Priest is stretching a two or three issue story out to six and there’s little sense of momentum, urgency or point. Hopefully next issue can turn things around as the title feels like it’s treading water until the new creative team comes on board.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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