DC Comics reviews for 2/7/18

Swamp Thing Winter Special #1

swamp thing the winter special #1

I’m not a huge Swamp Thing fanatic. I’ve read some quality stories over the years, but never to the point that I sought out solo Swamp Thing stories. That’s probably going to change after reading the Swamp Thing Winter Special.

Writer Tom King and artist Jason Fabok collaborate on the main story. Winter has come and Swamp Thing is focused on keeping a young boy alive. Not only is the bitter cold a concern, but there’s also a monster constantly in pursuit, but why can’t Swamp Thing remember him? King continues to showcase an amazing versatility writing Swamp Thing to the same high level he does Mister Miracle and Batman. I’d definitely be interested in King taking further cracks at Swamp Thing.

Jason Fabok is one of the best in the business and it’s always a treat seeing his work. He doesn’t immediately strike me as an obvious Swamp Thing artist, but he’s so good he makes it look easy. Paired with his regular colorist Brad Anderson, the art looks great.

Editor Rebecca Taylor shared a beautiful story on Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein, which doubles as an introduction to Wein’s incomplete final story. Kelley Jones illustrates the wordless story, which surprisingly still makes for an effective read. DC also included Wein’s script making for a neat behind the scenes glimpse of one of comic’s most prolific creators.

Swamp Thing fans likely won’t blink at the $8 price tag for this 81-page special. Yes, it’s not cheap, but even for folks who don’t consider themselves avid fans, this is well worth picking up.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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