Image Comics reviews for 2-7-18

Coyotes #4

Coyotes issue 4 cover

Issue #3 of Coyotes ended with a dramatic cliffhanger and #4 picks up immediately where we were left off. Red and the other women are trapped in a deadly battle against shape-shifting wolves but tragedy strikes yet again.

Coyotes keeps getting better but also sadder, as the unfortunate message of the story reigns true; the women in the minds of the wolves were made to be devoured but Red, the women of her village, and the Abuelas will fight to the death. Writing and art remains strong and effective as well, helping the series remain one of my favorite Image reads. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

VS #1

A new series from Image titled VS has been released. This sci-fi action series, war is a sport and even small facts are shown in panels that are reminiscent to TRL facts during music videos.

Although this series reminded me of some elements of Image’s Low, I wasn’t all that impressed or swept up into this debut. The art is definitely nice but I’m hoping future issues of the series will leave a better impression. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 4 out of 10

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