Yes, Michael Bay really is in talks to direct a DC Lobo movie

Lemme check to make sure today is not April 1…nope, still Feb. 8. The Wrap is reporting Michael Bay — the master of excessive restraint — is under consideration for DC’s Lobo film.

Clearly someone at Warner Bros thinks Bay can replicate the same kind of outlandish success as the Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool film. Only catch is this is Michael…Bay. The Wrap goes on to say that Bay had some notes that Lobo screenwriter Jason Fuchs is incorporating. If Bay likes what he sees, it could sell him on the project.

Sure under his watch Lobo is going to blow up a million things while the came slowly circles around him. Of all the DC characters Bay could get his hands on, Lobo probably is the best option. But this has bad idea all over it. Maybe.


Lobo doesn’t need a million plates and special effects — he just needs white skin and some funky hair. Who would Bay cast in his Lobo film though? You know, barring the physique, which doesn’t have to be a big deal what if…Michael Bay reunited with his The Rock star Nicholas Cage for the most absurd comic book movie of all time?

Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, but that doesn’t sound like the most ridiculous thing I’ve come up with. What do you think? Any interest in a Michael Bay directed Lobo film?

Photo Credit: DC Comics