DC Collectibles reveals Doomsday Clock figures for Essentials line

For those skeptical about DC Collectibles commitment to its new Essentials line, the clock has struck. In an exclusive reveal by IGN, DC Collectibles is releasing a set of Watchmen based set of Doomsday Clock figures based on their appearance in Doomsday Clock.

IGN revealed the line was designed by Doomsday Clock artist Gary Frank and sculpted by Paul Harding.

dc collectibles doomsday-clock-figures -ozymandius front

The $50 7″ figures will be released in the following two packs:

  • Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias
  • Rorschach (with grapple gun and extra pair of hands) and Mime
  • The Comedian (with two guns) and Marionette

dc collectibles doomsday-clock-figures - rorschach

dc collectibles doomsday-clock-figures - the comedian

They will be up for pre-order at 3:30 ET and on display Saturday at the New York Toy Fair.

dc collectibles doomsday-clock-figures - the mime front

If nothing else, this will convince some folks that the DC Essential line will be worth picking up to have compatible scaled Watchmen figures to go along with the initial announced figures.

So far Doomsday Clock has been a great read in three issues.


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Photo Credit: DC Collectibles
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